Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | December 20, 2009

Pet Feat: Forge of Souls (MT)

The first a multiple part series of pet feats and walk-through posts on the new Icecrown 5-man dungeons. Check in this week as I’ll be (hopefully) posting one part per day. And remember when submitting your feats, screenshots.

Who: Kurasu of Emerald Dreams (EU)
Pet: Panzer (80 turtle)

First off, most of the trash in the first dungeon is either groups of two (large skeletons; tank and spank and no problem at all other than hard hits) or four (several humanoids/undead people and a spook). Shackle works well on most of them, and should be used liberally in the multi-group pulls. The only trash that really (and I mean *REALLY*) worried me here were some rather large phantoms. These look a great deal like third stage Black Knight, and attack similarly, including party-wide waves of damage. One of these even managed to kill off a good amount of the party, and it was only due to the healer and Panzer’s CDs that we managed to survive. Sweat-inducing, let me tell you!

The first boss here is a wizard called Bronjahm. Unsure of what he could do, I just put Panzer on him with a nice big threat burst and crossed my fingers. Turns out that for a hunter pet tank, that’s about all you need to do. His melee isn’t too painful, and his special ability is negligible, as the pet hasn’t got mana to drain off. The players need to watch for his abilities, of course. He will summon (or rather, corrupt) a small add from one of the party members now and then, which must be killed or he will absorb it for 120,000 health. Needless to say, that can make this fight take a very long time! In addition, when he is down in health, he will teleport himself to the center of the room (if not there already) and start lashing out with a number of souls. The annoying thing here is that to avoid damage from them, you need to get close. And as a hunter, if you get close enough, you are just a smidge outside your ‘minimum range’. So it’s very easy to get yourself stuck here unable to attack. Be careful! In addition, prepare to use Bestial Wrath, as he will occasionally throw fear to ‘chase’ people into that swirl of spirits.

The second boss, Devourer of Souls, is painful and complicated to fight for the people, but not too terrible to actually *tank*. At least, as long as you are careful. Have someone who can interrupt if possible, to stop ‘Phantom Blast’ from being cast whenever possible. In addition, be prepared: now and again, the giant beast will randomly target a person and plummet down on top of them. This does not dump aggro; while the person will need to move out frmo beneath (to avoid damage from the Well beneath it), its threat is kept and it will generally wander back to the tank, unless your DPS have been overworking themselves. The main thing to worry about as a tank is to beware of Wailing Souls. Recall your pet and make sure it is not in front of the boss at this point. the damage this ‘wail’ can throw is deadly, and ticks every 0.4 seconds. Think ‘Mimiron p3wx2 and you’ve got a good idea of what this does. Aside from that, the ‘Unleah Souls’ is something to worry about for your players, but they seem to target PCs over pets; I don’t recall Panzer getting hit by any of them (although the party certainly did!)



  1. Well done!

    I couldn’t manage the last boss because the Phantom Blast was not being interrupted, it does not target pets so it kills the dps. Once the annoying Call Stabled Pet bug is fixed I will try for the it again with my gorilla (Orlando).

    It is not hard to tank, but it is very tough on the dps if Phantom Blast goes off.

  2. I got to try it with a couple of guildies but after 2 wipes they didnt want to smooth out the strategy ^^’, didnt think of having someone else interrupting though, will have to do that next time.

  3. Got it today, I am gonna put it up as a feat because I am not sure if you did it on heroic, but feel free to claim precedence.

  4. On Normal, I managed to do it without a lot of interrupting. Note: we did get a lot of deaths, and had to try it twice, but we did finally get some interruptions (due to a Felhound and potentially something the mage did; I wasn’t keeping track alas) and a lot of heavy healing from our overtime-working priest.

    On heroic? I wouldn’t even attempt without some sort of interrupts. 🙂 I haven’t done a heroic yet, so I can’t state just how bad it is there. No doubt ‘horrendous’.

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