Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | December 22, 2009

Pet Feat: Pit of Saron (MT)

Continuing the series, Pit of Saron.

Who: Kurasu of Emerald Dreams (EU)
Pet: Panzer (80 turtle)

On to The Pit. Here, the trash is very reasonable. Focus on tanking the big ones, while your group AOEs the small non-elite skeletons. There are also single large skeletons which, though they hit quite hard for trash, are fairly innocuous (IMO). The ones to fear are the large groups of ghouls. For me, what I did here was to send Panzer and MD a Volley onto them. It didn’t keep them locked to Panzer *perfectly*, but if people were attacking the wrong target, by the time they pulled it off Panzer, they could kite and kill it on their own.

The first boss, Forgemaster Garfrost, is easy. Or rather, I should say *simple*. Your pet’s AOE resistance means that you don’t need to run it away from the boss at all. It can stay in and tank. You will need to kill him quickly enough that his aura doesn’t stack high, but it’s not as difficult (at least in our group) as it seems. Any and all frost resistance on your pet is a huge help here. On Normal, I didn’t need any to tank him (the pet was hurting near the end but not terrible) but if you’re daring Heroic, I highly suggest bringing some along; it would probably be a big help. Remember to get out of LoS when he’s about to discharge his frost attacks. The pet can handle it (at least Panzer did; I suppose if he has a *lot* of stacks you’ll want to retreat) but the players may not be so lucky.

The biggest thing to worry about with Ick and Krick is actually the trash. There are three ghoulish entities that walk around him, and at any time they can come wandering through the area. Always pull and kill these before the boss for your own safety!

Tanking Ick is a matter of keeping the tanking CD rolling, or having a good amount of nature res. Aura can help with this, if you can hold your own threat well enough. This is one area where your pet *can* stand in fire, to to speak (Panzer did and managed to survive), but this is a painful prospect. Besides, if a slime puddle is dropped near enough to hit your pet, it is probably interfering with your melee’s attacking, and thus the enemy should be moved (as simple as a /petpassive and walk a couple steps). Krick will occasionally use a series of Arcane Novas around the ground. For me, I found these weren’t unreasonably painful for the pet, so I only moved him if they were close enough to cause problems for DPS. Otherwise Panzer just ate them and let the healer handle the damage. There are enough of these that moving is an option, but it is annoying. Beware of the occasional ‘focus’ that will be called. Now and again, Ick will begin to pursue one member of the party with extra damage and lowered speed. At this time, he can’t be taunted, so simlpy have them kite until the order wears off.

There are a series of enemies leading up the hill to the tunnel. This is where I found it most difficult to tank. There were simlpy too many of them! AOE is very tempting here, but be careful as the pet can’t handle holding threat, and these large groups can cause a good amount of damage if they run free. This is another of those ‘Be ready with CC’ moments.

Further along this path is a snow-covered tunnel. In here (in addition to ice plummeting from above) there are two types of enemies: large elite skeletons (around 83k health) and much smaller, non-elites (around 12k). For me, I had the pet tank those larger skeletons, while the rest of the party handled the AOE on the littler guys. They’re essentially normal mobs (thouhg quite a few of them) so any class with AOE can take them apart fairly quickly, leaving the scary ones for you to tank.

The final boss, at first glance, looks to be pretty terrifying. However, it is not the drake you will be fighting, but instead the one mounted on top of it. Now, this boss hits *hard*. However, you’ll want to be prepared to time your cooldowns, as using Cower at the wrong moment can easily get you killed. As mentioned above, Scourgelord can inflict a lot of damage with his ‘Unholy Power’ ability, particularly since it comes very quickly after an attack called ‘Forceful Smash’. I suggest that you use Cower ASAP, and then not use your next one until *after* he has used Unholy Power and you have kited him. Make sure your DPS knows that you are kiting; they’ll want to be holding damage while you’re doing this so as not to jump too far ahead on the DPS meter.



  1. Was this on Heroic Kura?

  2. Unfortunately, no. It was only on normal. My first trip here, I might add; I’d never done the place before, and was PUGging it with a couple of guildies. Our tank disappeared two pulls into it, so the four of us went on bravely. 🙂

    Also, pardon the delay on answering, but holidays kept me mostly away from the keys.

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