Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | January 3, 2010

Pet Feat: Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron – Heroic (MT)

Doug submitted these feats just before Christmas on our forums, so this post is a little late from the holiday season. I’ll be lumping these two together since the description is somewhat short, but half the number of posts doesn’t by any means suggest these feats are any less impressive.

Who: Dnysopheus of Nagrand
Pet: George (80 Turtle)

I managed to get these two down today with Apple Dumpling Gang! (Apologies to Kura if you did them before on heroic)

We had some interrupts on the final boss of H FoS, but he seems to cast randomly so it is a bit of a crapshoot, not sure if the gorilla helped. One thing that I did do was tell my Jilea to focus heals on the dps, since the pet is not taking an awful lot of damage here, I could manage without any heals for almost a minute with a turtle, and only slightly less with the Gorilla. This leaves the healer free to deal with the Phantom Blasts if they are not successfully interrupted, so she was raid healing more than anything else on this encounter.

Most of the trash pulls in FoS were much easier the second time round although we did wipe once due a to an overpull just before the boss (we got all three of the nasty wraiths).

Then we decided to carry on to H PoS, replacing Ephaena the hunter with Devinia the huntress. There was nothing specifically hard here, but a lot of technical trickiness.

We wiped on the first boss because I didn’t realise you couldn’t clear the trash around him first and got into a bad position which resulted in Jilea being blasted out of LoS for 30secs or so.

Then we wiped on Ick, first due to him targeting Jilea right off and her not getting out of the way fast enough and then a semi-wipe with only me left to deliver the final Kill Shot, this time due to a one shot poison cloud on Jil (we got him down due to some sharp off-healing from the druid).

Then we wiped on the trash up to the gauntlet, twice. The trick is to use a turtle and try to cc at least one of the mobs. At first I tried a whole whack of cc, but getting the priest healer to shackle one of the undead turned out to be a bad idea because when the shackle broke almost immediately it went right for her.

Eventually a bog standard Volley pull did the trick, I got some cc on the two casters for the second pair of groups by placing Volley right at the front of the soldiers and having George on passive, that way they run through the Volley to get to the pet and you can send him in at leisure far enough away from the casters to get in a cc.

The gauntlet was fairly easy, but pathing was dodgy every now and again. The final boss here was quite easy, nothing much different from most bosses, we didn’t even manage to avoid all of the special effects.

So in summary PoS was actually much easier than the heavy weather we made of it, but it does take a little care and attention. There are plenty of ways to wipe the group and we pretty found all of them, but if you manage avoid them there is nothing much to it from a purely tanking perspective. Very exciting though.



  1. I have done FoS twice subsequently and PoS once more, the big thing in FoS is moving off the purple puddles, they don’t affect the pet very much as AoE but they WILL kill your melee dps poste haste.

    PoS was wa-a-ay easier the second time.

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