Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | January 21, 2010

Pet Feat: Trial of the Crusader 10 – Lord Jaraxxus (MT)

I’ve recently stumbled across the work of Arthemystia, a fellow pet tanking enthusiast who’s the in house pet tanking columnist writing over at Warcraft Hunters Union, one of the more well known mainstream hunter sites.

Yesterday he posted an article in which he details his recent tanking of Lord Jaraxxus and The Twin Val’kyr. I won’t post be posting any details here since its on another blog and I don’t want to encroach on her writing, so hit the link to check it out yourselves.



  1. My suspicion is that at the crit rates we have Bears are inferior to other pets from a threat generation standpoint because of Swipes eating Cobra Strikes.

    The other issue is that the BM tree layout makes it hard to take 2/2 GftT, in some of the Twins vid you can see the Focus dipping very low quite often, increasing the likelihood of a Growl or TS being pushed back.

    Finally, it is quite likely that Swipes can regularly push back TS and Growls because of the GCD.

    This is my theory anyhow, I find it hard to test objectively. My couple of runs with a bear suggest that if Swipe did in fact add a bit of threat, giving up Shell Shield is not really worth it for 5-mans anyway.

  2. I can’t say I understand using a bear in a single target fight. Swipe, by the tooltip at least, seems to deal less damage than Claw and uses up a GCD. So in a single target situation, you’ve replaced a higher DPS attack in Claw with a lower one in Swipe. I don’t have an empty stable slot to test it myself, but I’m assuming they scale with AP similarly so that wouldn’t change.

    Now you could make the argument that perhaps focus is the limiting factor and not GCDs, but for single targets Swipe is also less damage per focus.

    Claw: 143damage/25focus = 5.72 damage
    Swipe: 108damage/20focus = 5.4damage

    This is the kind of calculation my spreadsheet would be perfect for, but unfortunately for a few more days my new rig is running on Ubuntu, so I don’t have access to Microsoft Excel (and the spreadsheet famously does not work properly on Open Office).

  3. Any thoughts on using a worm for single-target tanking?

  4. In generally if there is no warrior or rogue to Sunder or Expose Armor, the armor reduction will lead to more damage and therefore more TPS. However, it doesn’t seem that Acid Spit causes additional threat like Sunder does, so if you do have a warrior or rogue a worm won’t generate any more threat than any other tenacity pet.

    I have threat modeled in my spreadsheet in a way that I’d feel comfortable declaring a “Best single target TPS pet” if I could just get into it. Stupid Linux.

  5. In response to the pet discussion, I have a croc and bear because they make good all-purpose tanks (AoE + steady damage), not because they’re the best single target TPS. I also have a turtle for mitigation-heavy fights. But there’s only so many stable slots, so I don’t have other tank pets at the moment (wolf and my pvp pet are the others).

    You may very well be right that the bear isn’t the best single target tps, and it’s fun to look into. But so long as I have enough survivability and threat, I’m not terribly concerned about single target tps, since the vast majority of the tanking I do is in heroics, where AoE threat is more of a concern.

  6. Other than my bear and turtle, I have the white gorilla that I’ve had for ages. I asked about the worm, because it seems with the TS change, that a worm may be capable of more single-target TPS than a gorilla for most fights, due to Acid Spit doing damage, and Pummel appearing to do nothing but spell interrupts. I didn’t want to just dump my ape without researching first, as the ape was my first pet I tanked in a raid fight with (back tank on 4 horsemen in Naxx 10).

  7. Pummel doesn’t appear to work at all for me, or it is so intermittent that I can’t see when it works.

  8. Just decided to release my longtime first tank pet, my white ape, to grab Grubthor, rare worm in Silithus. Biggest reason is the worm’s special, Acid Spit, does damage even if the armor debuff is applied by someone else, whereas the ape’s Pummel never caused any damage on any test I did. Hated to lose Kongo, but I had to get a pet that I considered better at single-target tanking, from more threat from the special.

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