Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | February 4, 2010

The Advent of the Wrathful Pet

A new arena season has arrived, and with it a brand new set of PvP gear. Those of you whom frequent the forums may already know that I’m a huge proponent of PvP gear for pet tanking for its unrivaled amounts of stamina, healthy doses of attack power, and large number of gem slots. Lets look at a comparison of the new Wrathful gear vs. the previous season’s Relentless. This comparison assumes PvP gear in every slot using the lower tier weapons with the exception of Brewfest Trinkets. All items are fully gemmed and enchanted for maximum stamina.

All in all the new Wrathful gear provides a fairly substantial increase over the previous season’s gear, with more than 600 more RAP for increased threat, 4-5k more HP for survivability and .5% armor for mitigation. While .5% doesn’t seem like a noticeable amount of first, but it is a reduction of 1.3% damage taken compared to Relentless gear. Finally the hit rating provided by the Wrathful amulet, cloak, and Relentless season’s ring combined with a Biznick’s scope will bring us over hit cap without having to lose any stamina or attack power gems or enchants.

The two best things about the new Wrathful gear isn’t just the stats though. The first one is that some of it is incredibly easy to obtain. The wrist, cloak, neck and ring can all be purchased with honor without any arena rating whatsoever. When you consider the fact that they are best in slot for stamina (except for actual tanking pieces, which provide no AP) and provide similar amounts of RAP as all but the highest level PvE pieces.

The second benefit is that these pieces provide almost as much stamina as the frost resist gear while providing more than one thousand additional RAP. Even a stamina junkie like myself can’t resist giving up 42 stamina to gain 1151 RAP. Now that we’re able to completely replace frost resist gear, our maximum possible HP gear will also be some of our best possible threat gear, greatly simplifying some of our gearing decisions.

Now all there is to do is hit those Battlefields. Only 200,000 honor for all four ratingless pieces.



  1. You make the Wrathful gear look goo-ood.

    I think the thing you are missing is the healthy amounts of crit on the gear. Getting regular Cobra Strikes is the single most important AoE threat booster in toolbox, and PvP comes with heaps of it.

    The fact that the resilience is now often a wasted stat doesn’t so much when you consider the alternative of stacking haste or ArP through PvE gear.

  2. Well, haste isn’t bad as far as non pet-scaling stats go. It can help the hunter crit more frequently which makes the pet crit, and so on.

  3. This is true, you are spamming Steady pretty much all the time while tanking for the Cobra Strikes and I think you are unlikely to be capped, maybe it can help you squeeze in an extra steady too during MD.

    • I mean auto…

  4. And dont forget the new WG gear they added, the cloak for example has a hefyt ammount of stamina and a socket, very useful.

  5. what is this gear called…like the name of this wrathful armor set

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