Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | February 6, 2010

Pet Feat: Halls of Reflection – Heroic (MT)

Another pet feat from Dnysopheus of Nagrand, known here at BigRedRhino as Doug. Heroic Halls of Reflection was the last 5-man not yet tanked by a hunter pet and represented our most difficult 5-man tanking challenge by far. The combination of large groups of mobs with powerful abilities and their relentless pace makes this place a nightmare for even traditional tanks even with their powerful AoE, short cooldown taunts, and myriad of utility and mitigation abilities.

With a healthy dose of experience, skill, and group coordination they were able to clear the instance on their first attempt, something I was unable to do on my prot paladin. Due to the length of Doug’s post I’ll take excerpts from his original post which is available here on our forum for anyone who wants the full story, along with a great number of screenshots.

The tactic we used was to have the healer on top of the centerpiece, two corners were designated for cc and the remaining two were my responsibility…

The tactic we used was to have the healer on top of the centerpiece, two corners were designated for cc and the remaining two were my responsibility. Even with one dps down though we often had to wait between waves so time was not an issue, it is just the last one or two waves that are the really tough to control…

The boss ended up been a drawn out three man affair, but nothing presented any problems, I was eventually pressing my cowers and shell shield just so they wouldn’t feel neglected…

For the next boss I forgot to take a screen shot I am afraid. Nothing much to report here except that when the ghosts spawn you have to have your MD ready, I didn’t even see the little guys but TS managed to pick them up well enough in any case, that is until Titankus decided that a Bladestorm was in order…

Aside from that though there is nothing much to report on this boss, just tank and spank and have your MD-Volley ready to go.

Next was the gauntlet. We had opted for the chasing strategy by default, I was ready to go after Jaina but all the dps had clambered up the ledge already so I followed. One thing to note is that you must go around when coming back out: I managed to find the crevasse and had to jump my way out poste haste to pick up the first wave

Here again it might as well have been made for pet tanking, since the mobs don’t arrive all at once, allowing you to get a couple of growls off before you absolutely HAVE to target swap. Between MD, Explosive and Distracting shot Chain heal the whole thing was over without any major drama.

A hearty congratulations is in order. Good hunting.



  1. Aw shucks Durante, thanks.

    Now you gotta get in there with the raid achievements!

    I never got a chance on Marrowgar in the end, but I did have a chance to review the tactics, it should be easily possible on 10man at least with a group prepared to watch their aggro as far as I can tell.

    You have the advantage of being able to keep your pet on him at all times (just don’t go too far away). This gives you a threat head start on each reset.

    Our guild did it with a single tank yesterday. So a pet can easily tank it solo it, I have already found out that survivability is not an issue at all.

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