Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | February 9, 2010

Guild Requests Pet; Hunter Shocked

Last tuesday, the day after my first time pet-tanking a heroic in WotLK, a healer in guild asked if anyone needed the daily random. I joined him and soon we had a full guild run. Much to my surprise the healer, who had been DPS in the previous day’s run, had assembled a group with four DPS knowing I was in the group. “The DK can queue as tank and Durante will tank” he said much to my surprise.

We got Heroic Forge of Souls for our random and it went pretty smoothly. I had a few bad pulls from trying to keep the pace up and pulling too quickly and learned quickly that its unwise to start a three or four mob pull when Bad Attitude, Bestial Wrath and Misdirect are all on cooldown.

All in all it was a pretty unremarkable run with one exception. It was the first time someone had requested I tank a run for them as a serious tank, not just a novelty. While I’m sure I’m not the first person here to reach that status, it is a great personal benchmark.

For all those who’ve had aspirations of pet tanking, post in the comments how far along are you’ve come in gaining the acceptance of your peers as a genuine tank. Unsuccessful in begging for groups or reluctance acceptance? Being able to put together your own groups, or having groups ask you to come tank for them?



  1. I am finding a lot of openness to pet tanking.

    I don’t know if it is because normal tanks can have a horrible attitude or if the gameplay is more engaging with a pet tank, maybe people just like the idea of a turtle or gorilla tanking for them.

    A lot of people in my guild love running heroics with George the turtle though and never so much as cast a sideways glance at me.

  2. The first time this happened to me was a proud day as well. Sure, there weren’t other tanks on from the guild at the time, but it wasn’t talked about or questioned. It was just like any other daily random run.

  3. But anyway, grats. I’m a bit shocked you went into raid tanking prior to heroic tanking, but both are fun as hell.

  4. Raid tanking offers all sorts of special case tanking situations. Tanking heroics, while it seems easier I think is more stressful.

    I have to work on revamping my tanking set as my gear has done some vaulting lately.

  5. I’m finding openness, surprisingly to me, in a lot of PUGs who lose their tank in the beginning. I tell them, ‘I’ll tank some trash’, and though there’s been times it’s gone pretty pear-shaped, I’ve not had much of an issue.

    Likewise, a few times in raid, while I wouldn’t say I’m even *remotely* a ‘first choice’, the raid leader has broached the subject of me tanking a few times, and though I usually get a ‘no’ if I step forward of my own accord, he doesn’t seem to be taking it like a joke. Just ‘we’ve got better options’, which frankly I’m not going to complain about.

    All in all, while I wish I could do more tanking, I’m satisfied with the fact that people are taking it seriously (or at the very least humoring me in my insanity). 🙂

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