Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | April 8, 2010

Pet Feat: Icecrown Citadel 25 – Lord Marrowgar (MT)

Who: Durante of Hydraxis (US)
Pet: Bubbles (Gorilla)

Last night my guild Redemption didn’t have enough of its main raiders on to do hardmode progression, so our GM Lonawne (who’s had to suffer through my constant whining and pleading for the last few months) put together an alt-ICC 25 run so that I could finally get a crack at tanking.

The fight was done with 10% Hellscream’s Warsong buffing HP, damage, and healing by 10%.  For the fight Bubbles was above 55.5k HP without a food buff, pet food buff, or elixirs (which I completely forgot.

Bubbles was able to solo tank the fight since either Marrowgar doesn’t register pets as a valid target for the attack and therefore never casts it, or it counts as an AoE attack which pets get a 90% reduction for.  I had been looking forward to tanking it so I could see for myself, but unfortunately I never checked Recount for the data after the fight.  Positioning was very simple; I pulled the boss with Eyes of the Beast to get an accurate position without risking getting myself Saber Lashed, the set his stay point.  This enabled me to put my pet on passive just before the end of Bone Storm bringing him back into position.

A huge thanks to Redemption for allowing me to attempt this, and especially Lonawne for making the executive decision and putting the group together for me.



  1. Way to go Bubbles. So no food or elixirs? And I see you weren’t in Aspect of the Beast?

    I have to wonder if there was a second or third tank if Bubbles would have been sharing any of their damage.

    Were the rogues helping with building Bubbles’ threat?

    Awesome stuff. One thing: Durante needs to learn how to dodge cold flame. 🙂

  2. For elixirs and food I just plain forgot. It was something I’d been trying to convince the guild to do for a little over 3 months now, so when I finally got there I was so anxious I never used them. You can even see the Indestructible potions on my consumables bar.

    I honestly don’t know what would happen with other tanks there. There was another tank standing next to Bubbles until the first Bone Storm because of a little miscommunication but I couldn’t tell you if he was taking damage or not. I really wish I had remembered to look at Recount to see what kind of damage Saber Lash did if any, and the healers did such a great job keeping him topped off he never really got low.

    The rogues couldn’t help on threat since for whatever reason TotT doesn’t work on pets, so they used TotT on the other hunters since FD would allow them more room in terms of being threat capped.

    Normally I’m not that bad with AoE damage, but I’ll admit I’m terrible about that when I’m pet tanking. I’m paying so much attention to what the boss is doing, my pet is doing, where other people are, checking Omen, and trying to get a good camera angle I’ll end up spending twice as much time in the fire as anyone else.

  3. Awesome job! Sindragosa next! =)

  4. I’m curious, how did your monkey manage to generate that much threat? Even when I’m in my BM tank spec for farming heroics, I have a hard time not out-threating my crocolisk. I’d be very interested in what kind of talents you and your pet had and what you were doing to maintain threat.

  5. I knew you would get around to it eventually.

    Well done!

    Pity so many of the bosses in ICC require frequent taunting, that limits the number of bosses one can do.

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