Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | April 12, 2010

The Nerf We Deserve,

…and why we should be asking for it.

That’s right. Sooner or later, we have a major nerf coming. It might not happen this expansion, but sooner or later it’ll hit. But fear not friends, because this is a nerf that may open the greatest opportunities to Tenacity pets since resilience scaling.

Avoidance: Reduces the damage your pet takes from creature area of effect attacks by an additional 90%.

This ability that was instituted to help keep DPS pets alive during raids also serves as a huge strength for Tenacity tanking. In fact its too good. With a 90% reduction to AoE damage recieved, plus 185 resistance to all schools with Improved Gift of the Wild, our pets absorb AoE damage as though it was never there. Remember what happened after a voidwalker tanked Sartharion 3D? Developers are always on the look out for ways that players can exploit game mechanics and they rarely (if ever) make the same mistake twice.

With this in mind if developers wish to prevent pets from being excellent tanks for challenging content and any of that content relies on AoE as a major part of that challenge, they need to ensure in other ways that pets are not excellent tanks. Is it any wonder why our threat is sub-par and our taunt doesn’t function on raid bosses?

Take for example Sindragosa. The major threat of tank survival in tanking Sindragosa is her Frost Breath which deals a very large amount of frost damage and is further amplified by Mystic Buffet during phase three of the encounter. These two abilities together form a type of enrage timer as eventually the Frost Breath will 1-shot the tank, or alternatively forces tank switches to allow the debuff to reset.

With over 250 frost resistance just from passive resistance, Frost Resistance Aura and its scaling off the hunter, plus 90% reduction of all AoE damage and further 15% reduction if talented for spell resistance, a pet could shrug off what would be a relentless bombardment for any other tank. If a pet could produce the threat to keep up with a buffed, geared and competent DPS in ICC 25 content they’d be by far the best tank for the job.

But they can’t by design. That’s how Blizzard prevents us from using our furry friends to bypass the mechanics of some of the game’s most challenging encounters. As long as tenacity pets get a 90% reduction to AoE damage received there’s no way that pets could possibly get any additional threat or a real taunt without breaking many PvE encounters.

Here’s to hoping for a massive nerf, that when the 4.0 PTR comes out tenacity pets will no longer have Avoidance.



  1. Nerfs never come hand-in-hand with buffs.

  2. I’ll agree with you on that. Its pretty unlikely that they’d hand this nerf down with any intentional pet buffs attached to it, unless its part of major pet changes in Cataclysm.

    I just don’t see how they could give us any significant buffs without breaking many encounters without first reducing the AoE damage reduction. Its like putting iodine on a wound, it’ll hurt at first but we’ll be better for it in the end.

  3. I’d say that it’s a bit soon for Blizzard to be nerfing a buff they implemented not too long ago. I sure wouldn’t mind having a Taunt for my pet that’s actually worth talenting for. However, I’d hate to lose Culling the Herd – or losing Avoidance altogether and my wolf being pummeled by AoE attacks.
    Interesting idea, nonetheless.

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