Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | April 22, 2010

The Spreadsheet

Today I’m debuting a new version of the Big Red Rhino Pet Tanking Spreadsheet. Unlike the old version which was based off Shandara’s Elitist Jerks Hunter DPS Spreadsheet, this new version was built from scratch after it became obvious that I didn’t have the expertise to keep all of the abilities of the spreadsheet functional after my alterations, nor the time to keep up with the pace at which its updated.

This means two things. First is that the new spreadsheet is much smaller, more pet tanking focused, and can be updated very quickly. Second is that since it doesn’t contain the hugely complicated DPS calculations in the spreadsheet, it needs to be used along side either the Shandara’s Spreadsheet or the Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer at Female Dwarf to deliver accurate threat information.

Click the Excel icon to download the beta version of the spreadsheet. A few calculations may be off, and nothing on the spreadsheet it locked yet, so be sure to only edit spaces with white or light blue backgrounds. Please submit any suggestions, corrections or other feedback in the comments.



  1. Because I’m a tank-n00b, I have no idea what a good TPS is. Do we “just” need to have a bigger TPS than any DPSer’s DPS value?

    It seems like pet tanking is highly reliant on /constant/ and /multiple/ hunter MDs for half its threat.

    I want to make two pet-tanking sets. One focused on OT/stamina and one focused on MT threat. What are the main dials in the spreadsheet that I should be playing with before re-gearing?

  2. As a base value, you pretty much need to do more TPS than someone’s DPS. Every point of damage causes one point of threat as a default, but rogues generate about .7 threat per 1 damage and most other classes have similar talents. Keep in mind however not all builds pick up these talents since traditional tanks are capable of putting out huge amounts of threat.

    If you’re looking to improve your threat, you’re going to need to use one of the other two resources cited on the Threat page of the sheet; personally I like femaledwarf for the convenience. Change around pieces of gear, gems, enchants, item bonuses ect, then plug the new DPS and AP stats into the threat page to see the results.

    I’ll be doing some experimenting the next few days to try to figure out which set bonuses are worth having, PvE gear vs. PvP gear, and gem and enchanting strategies.

  3. I’m looking for more basic dials than the set bonuses and what-not.

    e.g.- I should stack AP instead of Agil, right?

  4. Very interesting. It would be nice if the Tier 5 2-piece bonus (pet is healed for 15% of hunter’s damage) were also an option – I know that some solo hunters still use T5 gear for this alone.

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