Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | May 18, 2010

The Return of the King

I should have the time to post a few tanking articles over the course of the next few days, but in the meantime I wanted to report on some news that tremendously exciting for me personally.

Back when this site was founded but its original caretaker Ihlos, he knew very little about the Warcraft blogosphere. He read one or two blogs, hadn’t heard of the blogger most people assume this site is named after, Big Red Kitty. I on the other hand had been reading BRK for about a year and a half at that point, and in fact BRK was the primary reason that I cast off the shackles of huntardom.

BRK’s greatest writing strengths weren’t that he was the most informative source out there, we had sites like Elitist Jerks for that, but that he informed us while using humor that kept experienced hunters coming back, and the pride
that made new players want to be the best hunters they could be. Since he hung up his rifle more than a year ago many hunter bloggers have done an excellent job informing the hunter community, but no one else has managed to inspire hunters quite like BRK could.

Its with great enthusiasm that I report that BRK has returned to blogging after being grabbed by Blizzard to report on the Cataclysm Alpha. While its doubtful how much he’ll be able to report while the non-disclosure agreement is still up and his return may only be temporary, its certainly exciting news for hunters everywhere, especially his old fans.



  1. I first saw BRK’s articles about the time I first picked up playing my hunter again, he was the one that originally inspired me to seriously search for a spirit beast after seeing one of his vids about Gondria.

    Whether or not he returns to WoW at all after Alpha, it’s great to see him active to some degree again after being away for as long as he was.

  2. I was also glad to see BRK return. I suspect that it will be short lived though. Hope not. I also enjoyed visiting Big Red Rhino daily. But after the great hunter nerf of patch 3.08 I lost a lot of interest in the game and now play only when I get bored. Sigh. Hopefully better days in Warcraft are ahead.

  3. Big Red Kitty is actually where I learned to hunt. From day 1, I was kiting and using my pet with the best of them, I already knew a lot of good tricks on how to capture hard-to-catch pets, and most of it was because BRK’s early guidance. I can’t quite say that he is the *only* reason I’m a hunter, but he’s definitely the reason I was a *serious* hunter.

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