Posted by: TheLastDeadMouse | July 20, 2010

News, Updates, The Waiting Game, and References

1. News
Cataclysm! Thus far I’ve resisted the urge to post on Cataclysm details. There will of course be news, analysis and commentary on all Cataclysm changes and how they related to pet tanking when they become available. However at this point, pets really haven’t received their first round of changes yet (other than the amazingly sweet new Move To ability, article coming soon) and since such a huge amount about the class and game is changing, it seems premature to make assessments until we see the new pet changes. That and the new BM talent tree is almost totally wiped of tanking talents and its depressing.

B. Updates
The new version of the Big Red Rhino Tanking Spreadsheet (also known as BRRTS) is completed and will be posted shortly. Edit, its now up and the link is active on the Spreadsheet page. Just in time for new expansion obsolescence.

3. The Waiting Game
Just like many of you, I continue to sit and wait, checking daily hoping to see my invite to the beta. Ideally if I do get in, I’ll be able to bring in depth analysis to pet changes and take our refined friends for a test drive. While I will discuss pet tanking changes beta or no, there are more informative, and more entertaining, venues for general hunter information.

IV. References
Q. Will Hunters be able to pet-tank through Cataclysm (even if just beast masters)?
A. What, you didn’t see that video where some guy tanked Marrowgar with his Gorilla?

They haven’t forgotten about us pet tankers yet.


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