The purpose of this page is to track the accomplishments of hunters as they use their pets to tank or off-tank instances and world elites. Just as guilds post “server firsts” when they down new content, we will be tracking the exploits hunters as they conquer new (and old) content. This page includes links to each post, as well as information on how to submit your own accomplishments and the rules for submission.

Table of Contents
Feats of Northrend
Feats of Outlands
Feats of Azeroth
Submission Information
Submission Criteria
Example Post

Feats of Cataclysm

Main Tank, Throne of the Tides
Main Tank, Throne of the Tides (Heroic)
Main Tank, Blackrock Caverns
Main Tank, Blackrock Caverns (Heroic)
Main Tank, Grim Batol
Main Tank, Grim Batol (Heroic)
Main Tank, Halls of Origination
Main Tank, Halls of Origination (Heroic)
Main Tank, Lost City of the Tol’vir
Main Tank, Lost City of the Tol’vir (Heroic)
Main Tank, The Stonecore
Main Tank, The Stonecore (Heroic)
Main Tank, The Vortex Pinnacle
Main Tank, The Vortex Pinnacle (Heroic)

Feats of Northrend

Main Tank, Ahn’Kahet, Gorilla
Main Tank, Ahn’Kahet (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Azjol Nerub, Gorilla
Main Tank, Azjol Nerub (Heroic)
Main Tank, Culling of Stratholme, Gorilla
Main Tank, Culling of Stratholme (Heroic)
Main Tank, Drak’Tharon Keep, Gorilla
Main Tank, Drak’Tharon Keep (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Gundrak, Gorilla
Main Tank, Gundrak (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Icecrown Forge of Souls, Turtle
Main Tank, Icecrown Forge of Souls (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Icecrown Pit of Saron, Turtle
Main Tank, Icecrown Pit of Saron (Heroic), Turtle
Main Tank, Halls of Lightning (Heroic)
Main Tank, Halls of Lightning, Gorilla
Main Tank, Halls of Lightning (Heroic)
Main Tank, Halls of Stone, Gorilla
Main Tank, Halls of Stone (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, The Nexus, Gorilla
Main Tank, The Nexus (Heroic)
Main Tank, The Oculus, Gorilla
Main Tank, The Oculus (Heroic)
Main Tank, Utgarde Keep, Gorilla
Main Tank, Utgarde Keep (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Utgarde Pinnacle, Gorilla
Main Tank, Utgarde Pinnacle (Heroic)
Main Tank, Violet Hold, Gorilla
Main Tank, Violet Hold (Heroic)
Duo, Utgarde Keep, Gorilla

Main Tank, Trial of the Crusader 10 – Lord Jaraxxus, Bear
Main Tank, Trial of the Crusader 10 – Twin Val’kyr, Bear
Main Tank, Ulduar 25 – Hodir, Gorilla
Main Tank, Naxxramas 10 – Sapphiron, Bear
Main Tank, Naxxramas 25 – Sapphiron, Gorilla
Main Tank, Obsidian Sanctum 25 – Drakes, Turtle
Off Tank, Naxxramas 10 – 4 Horsemen, Gorilla
Off Tank, Naxxramas 10 – Kel’Thuzad, Turtle
Off Tank, Naxxramas 10 – Spiderwing, Gorilla
Off Tank, Naxxramas 10 – Spiderwing and Military Quarter, Turtle
Off Tank, Obsidian Sanctum – Acolytes, Turtle

Feats of Outlands

Main Tank, Arcatraz (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Black Morass, Gorilla
Main Tank, Black Morass (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Black Temple, Gorilla
Main Tank, Blood Furnace (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Botanica (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Gruul’s Lair, Gorilla
Main Tank, Headless Horseman, Gorilla:Bear:Warp Stalker
Main Tank, Hellfire Ramparts (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Karazhan, Gorilla
Main Tank, Lady Vashj, Gorilla
Main Tank, Magister’s Terrace (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Magtheridon, Gorilla
Main Tank, Old Hillsbrad, Gorilla
Main Tank, Shadow Labs (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Shattered Halls (Heroic), Gorilla
Main Tank, Zul Aman, Gorilla
Off Tank, Mana Tombs (Heroic), Gorilla
Solo, Blood Furnace, Gorilla
Solo, Braxxus, Gorilla
Solo, Durn the Hungerer, Warp Stalker
Solo, Fel Reaver, Warp Stalker
Solo, Hellfire Ramparts, Scorpion:Gorilla:Bear
Solo, Magister’s Terrace, Gorilla
Solo, Rivendark & Obsidia, Worm
Solo, Slave Pens, Gorilla
Solo, Underbog, Gorilla
Duo, Blood Furnace, Gorilla
Duo, Karazhan, Gorilla
Duo, Magister’s Terrace – Heroic, Turtle
Duo, Mana Tombs, Gorilla
Duo, Sethekk Halls, Gorilla

Feats of Azeroth

Main Tank, Onyxia, Gorilla
Main Tank, Zul’Farrak, Gorilla
Solo, Ahn’Quiraj, Gorilla
Solo, Ahn’Quiraj – Ossirian, Gorilla
Solo, Ahn’Quiraj (Rajaxx, Moam), Gorilla
Solo, Azuregos, Gorilla
Solo, Onyxia, Gorilla
Solo, Zul’Gurub, Turtle/Gorilla
Duo, Onyxia, Gorilla

Submission Information

To submit your accomplishment, send me the following information via email.
-Your Name and Realm.
-Your pet’s Name, Type, and Level.
-The Class and Level of everyone in your group
-A detailed description of what you main-tanked or off-tanked. Please be as specific as possible, listing mob names you tanked (especially if you off-tanked). Include any groups or bosses you had trouble with and how you overcame the issue. If you have any tips or commentary, please add them. Identify who tanked and who healed. Note whether or not you benefit from the T5 bonus. Also, be sure to specify the difficulty (Heroic?)
(Optional) A screenshot of what you tanked. Zoom in as much as possible as I will have to reduce the size (or crop) to fit in the post. If you main tanked the instance, screenshot the most difficult boss you downed. If you don’t submit a screenshot, I may use a generic picture. Additionally, if you do not submit a screenshot, and someone else does, their post will take the top slot for the achievement (although the post will not be bumped to the first page). The reason for this is that the screenshot is a big part of the post, and it lends credibility to the post.
Note: I may contact you for more information before posting.

Submission Criteria

Criteria 1: Only level appropriate accomplishments will be recognized.
I’ll be using http://www.wowwiki.com/Instances_by_level as a guide. All players in your group must be within or around (+/- 2 Levels) the recommended level range (80 means a fresh eighty in greens/blues, 80+ means an eighty in mostly epics or better). More detail on level requirements
NOTE: exceptions will be made for outlands content before hunters pass the 70 level cap.

Criteria 2: Duplicate submissions
If someone submits an accomplishment that I already have a record of, I will append your accomplishment to the original post, unless the post is ‘capped’ at 15 submissions.
NOTE: I will also be submitting my own accomplishments, but if another player submits the same accomplishment, mine will be overwritten.

Criteria 3: Tenacity Pet
For the time being, posts will be limited to tenacity pets. Feel free to submit tanking accomplishments by non tenacity pets though, and if I get enough of them, I’ll add a section to this page for their exploits.

Example Post

Pet Tanking Feat: Heroic Slave Pens

Who: Matty of Staghelm (70)
Pet: Cuddliers (70 Bear)
70 Druid (Healer)
70 Warrior (DPS)
70 Rogue
70 Warlock

Description: Cuddliers Main tanked the entire instance. The group did have trouble on the second boss, which they solved by having the dps coordinate…..The druid healed the pet using…….Matty reccomends using RoS for the adds in the first part of….

Other Hunters who have completed this feat:
Boka of Proudmoore, with a priest healer.
Cthulu of Blackrock, with a 68 Turtle.

Last Updated: April 28, 2009


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