Useful Macros
Macros can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with them, but once you become familiar with them, you’ll wonder how you ever did without. The tenacity tree, and the pet trees in general, bring a new level of complexity to controlling your pet, making macros even more helpful and important.


If you are unfamiliar with the basics of creating and using macros, check out this tutorial: How to make a macro.


While there are many macros that are useful for a hunter, i’m only going to focus on those macros that facilitate tanking and pet control. If you have any macros to suggest, email me: contact page.


One Button Pet Control Macro
There are numerous variations of this, but this is the one I like. In my opinion, mend pet should be on its own, but all other pet functions can be grouped together. This macro will revive your pet if you hold alt, call it if it’s away, feed it if its by your side, and dismiss it if you hold ctrl. Substitute whatever food you are using for Clefthoof Ribs.
/cast [modifier:alt] [target=pet, dead] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call Pet; [pet, modifier:ctrl] Dismiss Pet; [pet, nocombat] Feed Pet
/use Clefthoof Ribs


Mend Pet Macro
This macro will cast Mend Pet and grey it out until its available again (It won’t allow you to overlap at all).
/castsequence reset=15 Mend Pet, null


Misdirect onto your Pet Macro
This macro will cast Misdirection on your pet provided it is not dead and by your side.
/cast [target=pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection


Misdirect + Charge (Fun)
I wrote this macro to get a quick start on a mob. It will send your pet into attack your target with a charge, and cast Misdirect onto the pet as its charging in for a quick jump on your rotation. The visual effect of this macro is quite impressive.
/cast Charge
/cast [target=pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection


Roar of Sacrifice Macro
Due to the changes to Roar of Sacrifice in 3.1, previous suggested macros for this talent are now obselete. If anyone develops a new macro relating to this ability that they would like to share, feel free to contact me.


Intervene, and Intervene + Taunt
When intervening, you may want to get the damage off the target asap. In this case, using taunt is your best bet. Roar of Sacrifice can be used when intervening a tank, but when Intervening a healer, its best to stop all damage. Again, you can use a focus, or a target-of-target method.
-Focus method
/cast [target=focus] Intervene
/cast [target=focustarget] Taunt

-Target-of-target method
/cast [target=targettarget] Intervene
/cast Taunt

If you don’t want the taunt portion, simply remove the second line of the macro. To mix in RoS, Replace taunt with the corresponding RoS macro.


Family Special Combination Macros
You may want to add your pet family’s special move to a macro. Depending on the macro, this may require clicking the button twice, but it can come in handy. Let’s give an example of this that makes sense (not all skills combine well). Let’s say you wanted to add Shell Shield to the Intervene + Taunt macro, because you think the damage you might take will be hefty. Simply add in the special move like so (target-of-target method):
/cast [target=targettarget] Intervene
/cast Taunt
/cast Shell Shield

Note: Make sure you match the target if your pet special is a targeted move.


Focus Management Macros
Despite the effort of blizzard to give us an adhoc priority system for our focus management, it may be that you need to cast a move, but dont have the focus to do it. If you want to leave your focus dump on, then you’ll need some macros to help you manage your focus.

You can use these to turn off and on moves that you dont need, and in combination with a move you need to do. For instance:
/petautocastoff Swipe
/petautocastoff Growl
/cast [target=targettarget] Intervene

This would turn off your focus dump to ensure that if you cant use Intervene, at least you won’t accidentally eat focus with a focus dump. You could pair this with another macro to turn them back on, or off if need be:
/petautocasttoggle Swipe
/petautocasttoggle Growl


Macro building tools
The following one-line commands can be added into macros to control your pet’s behavior during or after the macro:


Space Saving Macros
Every hunter knows things get crowded in your interface, and with all these extra pet control macros, you’re going to need some extra space! Use these macros to cut down on the number of buttons on your bar. Look for lesser used skills that can logically be grouped together and then combine them! This example uses Cheetah when pressed, and Pack if you hold shift, alt, or control while clicking:
/cast [nomodifier]Aspect of the Cheetah; [modifier] Aspect of the Pack

And another, consolidating your tracking….
/castsequence [nocombat] reset=4 Find Herbs, Track Beasts, Track Hidden, Track Humanoids
This will cycle through each one so you can easily swap your most common forms of tracking.


I’d love to hear from you if you have an idea for a macro, or you need help building a variation of one of the above macros.


Last Updated: April 4, 2009


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