The Pets

So you’ve decided to tame a tenacity pet! But what pet to choose? To help you choose, Ive compiled information on each tenacity family, including a review of each family, a link to the different skins that family has, and where you can find them. Lets go alphabetically by family


Swipe – Attack up to three nearby targets. 25 Focus, 5 sec CD

Bears are great all around pets. They are very capaple in world pve, and swipe is great for dealing with the herds that are so prevalent, or an unexpected add. If you are using your Bear in an instance, the aoe threat of swipe will help build more threat on multiple targets. For this purpose compare Bears with Crocs. In pvp Swipe isn’t going to be as beneficial as some of the other moves. Remember that Swipe now affects targets in the full 360 degree range.
Find a bear pet


Gore – Gore your enemy, double damage after charge. 25 Focus, 10 sec CD

In its current state, Gore is a pure damage move, doing more damage initially. Its also single target, making the boar good at holding one target by buiding up a little extra threat early on. This would be ideal for off tanking/single target tanking in an instance with overgeared dps, but with all tenacity pets getting thunderstomp, you may want to evaluate whether this is needed. For pvp, if you are looking for a pure damage move in your tenacity pet, this one will do the trick.
Find a boar pet


Pin – Pins the target in place, doing damage, for 4 seconds. No Focus, 40 sec CD

With a focus on mobility in their special move, a crab’s strongest suit is pvp, and in conjunction with longevity this becomes 28 seconds. With intimidation, the pet is providing a fairly frequent snare/stun. Furthermore Roar of Sacrifice is highly beneficial for the hunter’s survival. Pin will also find engagement-specific usefulness in instances where mobs are not easily controlled, and can lend a hand in positioning if your mobs are out of control.
Find a crab pet


Bad Attitude – Deals damage to all attackers for 45 sec. No Focus, 2 min CD

With bad attitude, Crocs fall into the multi-tanking category. Crocs and bears are comparable in this category, and Crocs got an extra boost from thunderstomp. Thunderstomp can provide the initial aggro grab that causes the mob to attack the croc, and then Bad Attitude takes over. For pvp, this move wouldn’t benefit you much, since it is unlikely that several players would be attacking your croc, in which case your croc is a goner.
Find a croc pet


Pummel – Pummel the target, interrupting spellcasting and preventing any spell in that school from being cast for 2 sec. 20 Focus, 30 sec CD

With the move of Thunderstomp to the talent tree, Gorillas are no longer the kings of tanking. They will still make great levelers, and the spell interrupt would also come in handy for pvp. For tanking, this move may prove invaluable for certain encounters, but it is very likely that the bosses may be immune to this move. Testers needed for this, contact me if interested.
Find a gorilla pet


rhinoRhinos (Exotic)
Stampede – Single target Knockback, plus a 25% extra damage from bleed effect. No Focus, 1 min CD

The bleed effect does not stack with mangle, so use of this as a raid debuff for the bleed portion will be situational (IE no feral druid but at least a few Warriors, Rogues, MM hunters). The knockback is still useful for pvp, although the effect has been reduced as it only affects one target now. For pvp and also tanking, remember that the knockback also interupts moves and spells, which could come in handy for specific encounters.
Find a rhino pet


Scorpid Poison – Nature dot, stacks 5 times. 25 Focus, 4 sec CD

Traditionally, the scorpid has been a big factor in arena drain-game setups. Aside from building up ‘fire and forget’ threat, the poison doesn’t have much application in pve, aside from encounter specific nature vunerabilities. I’m not engaged in pvp enough to know if this is still an issue. For tanking, this is a pure damage move, and so I would personally opt for one of the utility moves.
Find a scorpid pet


Shell Shield – 50% damage reduction for 12 sec. No Focus, 1 min CD

Turtles have always had a special place in my heart, and now I believe the will become much more popular. Shell Sheild is amazing for tanking, will save your pet in tough situations for leveling, and can deter would be pvp attackers. Personally I think this move is the best for Main Tanking or Offtanking instances and raids, especially to aid your pet survive that occasional but very nasty crit it will be facing.
Find a turtle pet


warp-stalkerWarp Stalkers
Warp – Teleports to enemy, 50% change to dodge the next three attacks. No Focus, 15 sec CD

The free chance to dodge is nice, in pve and pvp, even if it’s not as strong as other moves of its kind, such as Shell Sheild. For mobility’s sake, frequent target switching becomes possible, which is definitely a boon. The extra two chances granted to this move will not always be utilized as the effect only lasts 4 seconds. This move needs to see a buff in my opinion.
Find a warp stalker pet


wormWorms (Exotic)
Acid Spit – Your worm spits acid at an enemy, causing 58-82 Nature dmg and reducing its armor by 10% per stack for 30 sec. Can be applied 2 times. 20 Focus, 10 sec CD

This move has received an incredible buff, relative to player buffs that is. It decreases the armor by the same amount as the warrior, but can be applied much more easily and a little more quickly provided you have longevity. If the warrior is tanking, then the threat portion makes sunder armor the best choice, but against a dps warrior, its best if your worm applies the buff, saving the dps warrior rage, cooldowns, and unneeded threat. This is the only pet buff i know of that is better than a player buff, even though it only excels in the absence of a tanking warrior.
Find a worm pet


Pet Location Information

Find a Bear

5-6, Dun Morogh, Young Black Bear
6-7, Dun Morogh, Black Bear
11-12, Dun Morogh, Elder Black Bear
13-14, Loch Modan, Grizzled Black Bear
16-17, Loch Modan, Black Bear Patriarch
20, Loch Modan, Ol’ Sooty
27, Hillsbrad, Big Samaras (Rare)
31, Ashenvale, Ursol’lok (Rare)
43, Ferelas, Old Grizzlegut
8-9, Elwynn, Young Forest Bear
9-10, Bloodmyst, Brown Bear
9-10, Darkshore, Thistle Cub
11-12, Silverpine, Ferocious Grizzled Bear
11-12, Darkshore, Thistle Bear
12-13, Bloodmyst, Grizzled Brown Bear
14, Silverpine, Old Vicejaw
16-17, Darkshore, Grizzled Thistle Bear
25-26, Ashenvale, Elder Ashenvale Bear
29-30, Ashenvale, Giant Ashenvale Bear
50, Felwood, Mongress
70-71, Howling Fjord, Rabid Brown Bear
73-74, Grizzly Hills, Grizzly Bear
12-13, Silverpine, Giant Grizzled Bear
15-16, Bloodmyst, Elder Brown Bear
21-22, Ashenvale, Ashenvale Bear
72-73, Grizzly Hills, Ursus Mauler
51-52, W. Plaugelands, Diseased Black Bear
17, Bloodmyst, Deathclaw
47-48, Felwood, Angerclaw Bear
49-50, Felwood, Angerclaw Mauler
51-52, Felwood, Angerclaw Grizzly
55-56, W. Plaugelands, Diseased Grizzly
74, Grizzly Hills, Infected Grizzly Bear
7-8, Dun Morogh, Ice Claw Bear
18-19, Darkshore, Den Mother
21-22, Hillsbrad, Gray Bear
22-23, Hillsbrad, Vicious Gray Bear
25-26, Hillsbrad, Elder Gray Bear
41-42, Ferelas, Ironfur Bear
44-45, Ferelas, Grizzled Ironfur Bear
48-49, Ferelas, Ironfur Patriarch
59-60, Winterspring, Rabid Shardtooth
11, Dun Morogh, Mangeclaw
12, Dun Morogh, Bjarn (Rare)
53-54, Winterspring, Shardtooth Bear
55-56, Winterspring, Shardtooth Mauler
56, Winterspring, Ursius
57-58, Winterspring, Elder Shardtooth
71, Howling Fjord, Hozzer (Elite)
72-73, Dragonblight, Arctic Grizzly
76-77, Zul’Drak, Icepaw Bear
white-bear-diseased 71-72, Dragonblight, Rabid Grizzly

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Find a Boar

25, Razorfen Kraul, Raging Agam’ar (Elite)
26, Razorfen Kraul, Rotting Agam’ar (Elite)
24-25, Razorfen Kraul, Agam’ar (Elite)
79, Storm Peaks, Snorts (Horde only)
3, Dun Morogh, Small Crag Boar
5-6, Dun Morogh, Crag Boar
6-7, Durotar, Dire Mottled Boar
6-7, Dun Morogh, Large Crag Boar
7-8, Dun Morogh, Elder Crag Boar
10-11, Durotar, Corrupted Mottled Boar
10-11, Elwynn, Longsnout
50, Blasted Lands, Grunter
7, Elwynn, Porcine Entourage
10-11, Loch Modan, Mountain Boar
16-17, Loch Modan, Elder Mountain Boar
24, Redridge, Bellygrub
1-2, Durotar, Mottled Boar
7-8, Elwynn, Rockhide Boar
7-8, Elwynn, Stonetusk Boar
8-9, Durotar, Elder Mottled Boar
9-10, Dun Morogh, Scarred Crag Boar
2-3, Teldrassil, Thistle Boar
4-5, Mulgore, Bristleback Battleboar
14-15, Westfall, Goretusk
14-15, Loch Modan, Mangy Mountain Boar
16-17, Redridge(also Westfall), Great Goretusk
48-49, Blasted Lands, Ashmane Boar
60, E. Plaguelands, Plagued Swine
1-2, Teldrassil, Young Thistle Boar
3-4, Mulgore, Battleboar
9, Elwynn, Princess
14-15, Westfall, Young Goretusk

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Find a Crab

9-10, Darkshore, Pygmy Tide Crawler
10-11, Durotar, Corrupted Surf Crawler
12-14, Darkshore, Tide Crawler
15-16, Westfall, Sea Crawler
18-20, Darkshore, Encrusted Tide Crawler
19-20, Ashenvale, Clattering Crawler
40-41, Stranglethorn, Southern Sand Crawler
72, Dragonblight, Kili’ua
9-10, Durotar, Encrusted Surf Crawler
10-11, Darkshore, Young Reef Crawler
12-13, Ghostlands, Rotting Crawler (link not up yet)
15-17, Darkshore, Reef Crawler
20-21, Darkshore, Raging Reef Crawler
20-21, Ashenvale, Spined Crawler
22-23, Blackfathom, Skittering Crustacean (Elite)
22-23, Blackfathom, Snapping Crustacean (Elite)
23, Blackfathom, Barbed Crustacean (Elite)
30-32, Desolace, Enraged Reef Crawler
68-69, Borean Tundra, Landing Crawler
70, Howling Fjord, Fjord Crawler
5-6, Durotar, Pygmy Surf Crawler
7-8, Durotar, Surf Crawler
18-19, Barrens, Silithid Protector
31, Desolace, Crusty (Rare)
68-69, Howling Fjord, Giant Tidecrawler
69-70, Howling Fjord, Caldemere Snapper
5-7, Eversong Woods, Golden Crawler (link not up yet)
7-9, Azuremyst, Barbed Crawler
13-14, Westfall, Sand Crawler
17-18, Westfall, Shore Crawler
40-41, Swamp of Sorrows, Silt Crawler
43-44, Swamp of Sorrows, Monstrous Crawler

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Find a Croc

9-11, Durotar, Dreadmaw Crocolisk
30-31, Stranglethorn, River Crocolisk
35-36, Stranglethorn, Snapjaw Crocolisk
60, Zul’Gurub, Zulian Crocolisk
65, Nagrand, Goretooth (Elite)
67-68, Black Morass, Darkwater Crocolisk
70, Zul’Aman, Amani Crocolisk
75-76, Sholazar Basin, Mangal Crocolisk
10-11, Barrens, Corrupted Dreadmaw Crocolisk
14-15, Loch Modan, Loch Crocolisk
22, Loch Modan, Large Loch Crocolisk (Rare)
35-36, Dustwallow, Drywallow Crocolisk
35-36, Swamp of Sorrows, Young Sawtooth Crocolisk
37-38, Dustwallow, Drywallow Snapper
38, Stranglethorn, Elder Saltwater Crocolisk
38-39, Swamp of Sorrows, Sawtooth Crocolisk
39-40, Dustwallow, Drywallow Daggermaw
41-42, Swamp of Sorrows, Sawtooth Snapper
18-19, Wailing Caverns, Deviate Crocolisk
41, Dustwallow, Deadmire
50, Stormwind, Sewer Beast
68-69, Netherstorm, Barbscale Crocolisk
21-22, Wetlands, Young Wetlands Crocolisk
23-24, Wetlands, Wetlands Crocolisk
25-26, Wetlands, Giant Wetlands Crocolisk
35-36, Stranglethorn, Saltwater Crocolisk
37, Dustwallow, Ripscale (Elite)
70, Zul’Aman, Tamed Amani Crocolisk (Elite)

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Find a Gorilla

37-38, Stranglethorn, Jungle Thunderer
41, Stranglethorn, Skymane Gorilla
43, Stranglethorn, Konda (Spawn)
76-77, Sholozar Basin, Hardknuckle Charger
42, Stranglethorn, King Mukla
41-42, Stranglethorn, Enraged Silverback Gorilla
42-43, Stranglethorn, Silverback Patriarch
50-51, Un’Goro, Un’Goro Gorilla
51-52, Un’Goro, Un’Goro Stomper
52-53, Un’Goro, Un’Goro Thunderer
42-43, Ferelas, Groddoc Ape
42, Stranglethorn, Kurmokk (Rare)
49-50, Ferelas, Groddoc Thunderer
55, Un’Goro, U’cha
77, Sholazar Basin, Hardknuckle Matriarch
52-53, Un’Goro, Uhk’loc (Rare)
32-33, Stranglethorn, Mistvale Gorilla
40-41, Stranglethorn, Elder Mistvale Gorilla
75-76, Sholazar Basin, Hardknuckle Forager

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Find a Rhino (Exotic)

67, Borean Tundra, Wooly Rhino Calf
68, Borean Tundra, Wooly Rhino Matriarch
75-76, Sholazar, Shardhorn Rhino
This rhino color changes from brown to blue
69, Borean Tundra, Wooly Rhino Bull
78-79, Storm Peaks, Ice Steppe Bull
blue-rhino 75-76, Sholazar, Shardhorn Rhino
This rhino color changes from brown to blue
white-rhino 78-79, Storm Peaks, Ice Steppe Rhino
78-79, Storm Peaks, Romping Rhino

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Find a Scorpid

4, Durotar, Sarkoth
10-11, Durotar, Corrupted Scorpid
11, Durotar, Death Flayer (Rare)
33-34, Thousand Needles, Scorpid Terror
37-38, Uldaman, Venomlash Scorpid (Elite)
46-47, Blasted Lands, Scorpok Stinger
56, Silithus, Krellack (Rare)
68-69, Shadowmoon, Scorchshell Pincer
7-8, Durotar, Armored Scorpid
9-10, Durotar, Venomtail Scorpid
52-53, Burning Steppes, Venomtip Scorpid
54-55, Burning Steppes, Deathlash Scorpid
56-57, Burning Steppes, Firetail Scorpid
40-41, Tanaris, Scorpid Hunter
43-44, Tanaris, Scorpid Tail Lasher
46-47, Tanaris, Scorpid Duneburrower (Spawn)
46-57, Tanaris, Scorpid Dunestalker
64-65, Terokkar, Scorpid Bonecrawler
35, Thousand Needles, Vile Sting (Rare)
53, Blasted Lands, Clack the Reaver (Rare)
54-55, Silithus, Stonelash Scorpid
57-58, Silithus, Stonelash Flayer
3, Durotar, Scorpid Worker
5-6, Durotar, Clattering Scorpid
20-21, Barrens, Silithid Creeper
21-22, Barrens, Silithid Swarmer
30-31, Desolace, Scorpashi Snapper
34-35, Desolace, Scorpashi Lasher
38-39, Desolace, Scorpashi Venomlash
56-57, Silithus, Stonelash Pincer

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Find a Turtle

15-16, Barrens, Oasis Snapjaw
20, Wailing Caverns, Kresh (Elite)
42-43, Tanaris, Steeljaw Snapper
46-47, Marudon, Stolid Snapjaw
48-50, Tanaris, Surf Glider
7-8, Eversong Woods, Lake Snapper (link not up yet)
22-23, Blackfathom, Aku’mai Fisher (Elite)
30-31, Hillsbrad, Snapjaw
35-36, Dustwallow, Mudrock Spikeshell
51, Hinterlands, Ironback (Rare)
23, Blackfathom, Aku’mai Snapjaw (Elite)
23, Blackfathom, Ghamoo-ra (Elite)
32, Alterac Mountains, Cranky Benj (Rare)
49-50, Hinterlands, Saltwater Snapjaw
12-13, Ghostlands, Plauged Snapper (link not up yet)
30-31, Thousand Needles, Sparkeshell Tortoise
32-33, Thousand Needles, Sparkeshell Borer
34-35, Thousand Needles, Sparkeshell Snapper
50-52, Azshara, Coralshell Tortoise
53-54, Azshara, Coralshell Lurker
70, Borean Tundra, Sand Turtle

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Find a Warp Stalker

72, Terokkar, Gezzarak The Huntress (Spawn, Elite)
67-68, Netherstorm, Warp Chaser
64-65, Terokkar, Warp Hunter
69-70, Terokkar, Blackwind Warp Chaser

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Find a Worm (Exotic)

46-47, Marudon, Deep Borer
13-14, Ragefire Chasm, Earthborer (Elite)
50-51, Blackrock Depths, Dredge Worm
46-47, Marudon, Deep Borer
50-51, Blackrock Depths, Dredge Worm
57-58, Silithus, Dredge Crusher
70, Borean Tundra, Tundra Crawler
72, Dragonblight, Ice Heart Jormungar Feeder
72, Dragonblight, Ice Heart Jormungar Spawn
73-74, Dragonblight, Hulking Jormungar (Elite)
79-80, Storm Peaks, Ravenous Jormungar
79-80, Storm Peaks, Snowdrift Jormungar
80, Storm Peaks, Infesting Jormungar
40-41, Marudon, Rock Borer
42-43, Marudon, Rock Worm
47-48, Sunken Temple, Murk Worm (Elite)
60, Dire Maul, Cadaverous Worm
38, Dustwallow, Oozeworm (Rare)
58, Silithus, Grubthor (Rare)

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Last Updated April 16, 2009


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